A community-wide effort to provide children the best possible start in life by ensuring they have everything they need to thrive.

Individually, many agencies and organizations serve one dimension of the well-being of children. Whole Child Leon seeks to engage the entire community in a commitment to our youngest residents because their future – and ours – hinges on ensuring the best start for every child.

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A “Whole Child Community” believes all children should have the opportunity to grow to be healthy, contributing members of society.

Parents have the primary responsibility for raising their children, and the community is a partner with parents in this endeavor.

Our goals are:

  • Creating Community Ownership and Participation in Early Childhood Success
  • Ensure all Children are Healthy at Age 1
  • Ensure Children are Making Appropriate Progress
  • Ensure Children Enter Kindergarten Ready to Succeed

and here's how

Social & Emotional

The building blocks for successful relationships and a healthy sense of self begins when a child is an infant.

Spiritual Foundation

A whole child is a combination of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Physical & Mental

Healthy children arrive at school ready to learn thus making our classrooms far more productive.

Quality Education

Whole Child Leon is committed to assisting parents and caregivers work to help all children thrive.

Safe Environment

Parents strive to do everything just right for their children to create a safe and nurturing environment.

Economic Stability

The Whole Child action team is helping hard-working families become financially stable and more independent.

There is growing recognition that investment in early childhood, beginning with prenatal care and focusing on ages 0-5, is critical to the health and well being of every community.

Similarly, there is increased recognition that single strategy programs are not effective—that we need a holistic approach to nurturing infants and young children that engages parents and incorporates all dimensions of the Whole Child. Whole Child communities have discovered that there is broad-based support among business, political, and other community leaders for the Whole Child philosophy and the need to design and fund integrated models for providing services to children and their parents.

Florida BH Impact

Learn more about our program and the projects we are involved in. The FL BH IMPACT program is an innovative course of action amongst the Florida State College of Medicine’s Center for Behavioral Health Integration and the Florida Maternal Mental Health Collaborative.

FSU-Whole Child Leon Pediatric Behavioral Health Hub

The Tallahassee Pediatric Behavioral Health Center is a strategic initiative by Whole Child Leon in partnership with the Tallahassee Pediatric Foundation (TPF). The Center was created to improve access to quality behavioral health services for children and their families through integrated health practices. The Center’s flagship program, the Behavioral Health Navigator Program, began in 2017. Then in 2020, the program partnered with Florida State University’s Center for Behavioral Health Integration and became one of six sites around the state, funded through the Florida Department of Health, to not only integrate behavioral health services into pediatric practices but also provide training and support to pediatricians as they transform their practices.

Finding the right behavioral health assistance for a child can be difficult, overwhelming, and time-consuming. Our Care Coordinators are trained clinicians who work directly with community providers and partners to ensure quality behavioral health services are available and accessible when families need them. The coordination services are free of change and available to children, 0-21 years, who have a primary care medical home in Leon County.
The Care Coordinators use a child-centered approach to assist families in developing a tailored and comprehensive care plan, addressing the needs of the whole child to assist the whole family. To ensure success, Care Coordinators work with families to address any barriers that limit access to quality care. In addition, Care Coordinators regularly communicate with the child’s referring primary care physician, so services and care are fully integrated between the Hub and the doctor’s office.

If you have been referred to the Hub, here is what to expect:

  • Our team will call you within two business days of receiving the referral and schedule your appointment to meet with a Care Coordinator, at no cost. We utilize a confidential ‘intake’ process to help identify what services may be the best fit for your child’s needs.


  • The Care Coordinator will then connect your family to quality behavioral health services and provide additional support recommendations based on your unique needs, insurance, and family preference.


  • The Care Coordinator will remain in contact with your family and the identified health care providers to ensure the ‘match’ was successful or to re-evaluate, as necessary.


  • The Care Coordinator will also keep your doctor informed.

If you think you could benefit from Care Coordination services, here is what to do:

We currently do not accept self-referrals. Ask your child’s pediatrician or primary care physician for a referral to the FSU-Whole Child Leon Behavioral Health Hub. If you do not currently have a primary care physician, please call (850) 692-3134 to explore other ways in which we can assist.

Whole Child is not another program, but a philosophy that uses strategic planning, performance measurement and broad-based community engagement to build communities where everyone works together to make sure children thrive.