Book List

The 6 Dimensions: Spiritual Foundation

WC Book List

We have prepared for you a list of books that reflect spiritual qualities. The booklist consists of four sections. First, there is a comprehensive list of books that includes the suggested age level, a description of the book and a list of some of the qualities emphasized in the story. All of these books are in print and most are available in a library. When the letter L appears under the author’s name, this tells you the book is available in the Leon County Library. The letter G indicates it is available in the Gadsden County Library. We have compiled these books by age, making separate lists for easy reference by age group. Next there is a list of books concerning special topics such as adoption, death, divorce, the elderly and a new baby’s arrival. The next section contains books with information concerning how adults can enrich children’s spiritual experiences. Finally, there is a list of books that describe activities that teach children the values and skills that help them develop into happy, productive, caring individuals.

The books in these lists have been carefully and thoughtfully reviewed to insure their messages are age appropriate, interesting and unbiased. We encourage you to take the time to review the contents of these lists and become familiar with the rich resources available to you.