Economic Stability

Through the United Way of the Big Bend’s BEST Project, this Whole Child action team is helping hard-working families become financially stable and take the next steps to long-term independence.

Child Savings Accounts

Envision Credit Union, Whole Child Leon, and BEST congratulate you on the new addition to your family. We want to work with you and your baby to have a safe, sound and secure financial future. To begin the process we will open your child’s account and deposit the first $25. From there it’s up to you, other family members and friends to keep their account growing and in no time, your child will have the beginnings of a nest egg. Envision is here for you too. whether it’s for help managing your money, advice on buying a car or home or if you just want a local, trusted institution to work with you through all stages of life. You can log on to to see all of the services we offer and convenient locations.

Contact Envision Credit Union at 850-942-9000 or email at for more information.

Access to Public Benefits

It is important that you are receiving all benefits available to you. When your family is able to meet your monthly expenses, you are in a better position to pay off debt, save and plan for the future. Off-setting expenses through public benefits (such as food stamps and health insurance) can significantly boost monthly income. Find out about benefits that might be available to you and your family.

Credit Repair and Debt Reduction

Rising levels of debt are negatively impacting households across the country. Debt reduction is directly linked to credit repair. CredAbility Nonprofit Credit Counseling & Education, a nonprofit organization dedicated to financial wellness, can help whether you are seeking ways to regain financial control, qualify for a debt management program, or just need answers to your monetary questions. Counseling is available in person, by phone, or online for your convenience. Visit CredAbility or call 800-741-7040 to make an appointment with a credit counselor.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, part of the United Way of the Big Bend’s BEST Project, offers free tax preparation at sites throughout the community. IRS-trained volunteers will prepare and e-file your taxes for free, so you’ll have your refund in 10 business days or fewer. This fast and free service is available from January through April each year. To locate a VITA site near you, call 211, download the flier below, or visit