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Open Doors Outreach Network

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Whole Child Leon is the Big Bend provider for the Open Doors Outreach Network, covering Leon, Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Liberty, Madison and Wakulla counties. Voices for Florida’s Open Doors Outreach Network is the state’s leading 24/7/365 network for helping sex trafficked children and young adults.

Victims are supported by a team of professionals, including Survivor-Mentors, Clinicians, Regional Advocates and Victim Services Coordinators that work together to provide emergency stabilization, individualized wellness plans, ongoing support and more to help victims heal.

Referrals are for individuals ages 10 to 24 who are verified or suspected of being sex trafficked, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Referral services are now available through the 24/7/365 Open Doors Referral Line at 1-888-707-1625. To learn more about the Open Doors Outreach Network, as well as Voices for Florida’s role as the backbone organization, visit

Meet the Team

Cori McGooden, LCSW
Services Coordinator

Cori not only works with Whole Child Leon in as the Service Coordinator for the Open Doors Outreach Network, but is also the Clinical Supervisor for the Tallahassee Pediatric Behavioral Health Navigator Program. She is also an associate professor at Florida State University and works with Florida State University Primary Health as the behavioral health consultant, collaborating with medical professionals to provide an integrated approach to family medicine. She is also working on a special project with Florida’s Department of Children and Families in central Florida, providing behavioral health training to Child Protection Investigators.

Robin Silberman
Survivor Mentor

Robin Silberman has a Masters degree in psychology, specializing in trauma and addiction, from Walden University. As a mental health counselor, she has provided individual, family and couples counseling. Her main focus has been counseling with children, teens and young adults who experienced trauma and abuse. Robin loves to travel and find new places with no limits.

Charlie Jackson
Regional Advocate

Charlie Jackson is a dedicated human services professional with more than 16 years experience serving youth and families from marginalized communities. Charlie specializes in providing trauma informed care, launching evidence-based programs and collaborating with community partners and stakeholders. Charlie also strives to give voice to the voiceless by producing/directing short documentaries on social injustice and racial inequalities.

Sarah Farmer, LCSW

Sarah Farmer has a background in psychology and Social Work. She started her career at the Department of Children and Families at the hotline and as a protective investigator. She has also worked in substance abuse, domestic and sexual violence, a Baker Act Facility and Florida State Hospital. She has adopted three amazing children whom she loves spending time with. She also loves all things arts and crafts!