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Open Doors Outreach Network

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Coming Soon! Whole Child Leon is the Big Bend provider for the Open Doors Outreach Network. Voices for Florida’s Open Doors Outreach Network is the state’s leading 24/7/365 network for helping sex trafficked children and young adults.

Victims are supported by a team of professionals, including Survivor-Mentors, Clinicians, Regional Advocates and Victim Services Coordinators that work together to provide emergency stabilization, individualized wellness plans, ongoing support and more to help victims heal.

Referrals are for individuals ages 10 to 24 who are verified or suspected of being sex trafficked, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or disability. These referral services will be made available to the Big Bend region soon. To learn more about the Open Doors Outreach Network, as well as Voices for Florida’s role as the backbone organization, visit