South City Project

South City Project

In January of 2014, Whole Child Leon established the South City Revitalization Council (SCRC), a nonprofit corporation in an effort to eliminate unsafe living spaces and improve the health of South City residents.

The South City Revitalization Council is working to transform South City from an unsafe community to a healthy community by improving the overall quality of life of its residents as well as the environment in which they live. The mission of the South City Revitalization is to generate policies that focus on eradicating health disparities and improve living conditions among the South City residents. The Council’s purpose is to:

    • Serve as a change agent to improve the mental, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional health of South City
    • Engage community residents to have a voice in efforts to improve conditions in South City
    • Engage community residents to support a neighborhood association 
    • Facilitate organizational development and capacity
    • Facilitate the aggregation of data to support decision making The SCRC is the fiscal agent for the South City Multi-Sport Club and a partner in the iGrow South City Community Garden project.

Council Members:
Courtney Atkins (Co-Chair), Whole Child Leon
Pastor E.L. Franklin (Co-Chair), Friendship Primitive Baptist Church
Marie Bryant,  President of South City Neighborhood Association


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